Hiring an ASHI Certified Inspector

A home inspection by Pinnacle is an unbiased and professional review of the accessible and visual areas/components within and around the home. We do not pass or fail a home, and we cannot force anything to be corrected. We give you information for you and your agent so you can move forward in a knowledgeable manner. It is not a warranty or guaranty of any kind and the client needs to understand what is included by visiting the American Society of Home Inspector’s website to become familiar with the ASHI Standards of Practice.

A typical home will usually require between 3-4 hours on site, and then we’ll assemble our findings into a computer generated report (usually later that day**) that will be presented to you. Our report is extremely thorough and we encourage our clients to utilize the report as a journal for changes that they may perform to the home over the years.  **If you schedule an inspection for late afternoon or evening, there is a chance that your report may not be ready until the following morning.  The areas (and components) that are reviewed include: 

Structural Components
Framing Members/Foundation/Joist Systems
Mechanical Components
Plumbing/Electrical/Heating and AC Components/Carbon Monoxide Testing
Insulation and Ventilation
Attic Areas/Basement and Crawl Space
Exterior Components
Landscape Drainage/Siding/Garage and Patio/Roofing/Porches and Decks/Chimney exteriors
Interior Components
Ceilings, Walls, and Floors/Doors and Windows
Appliances (built-in) will be tested if remaining in the house

Understand the Limitations

If your inspection is happening during the winter months: Please keep in mind that winter conditions do not allow us to view all items. Whether it be the cold, snow cover, or ice, these conditions make it either impossible to see or unsafe to operate/inspect some components; these include the roof, landscaping drainage, air conditioning, and others. At Pinnacle, we still review these items as much as possible to give some assessment, but they cannot be fully reviewed.

We cannot be invasive to the homes by opening up walls, or taking apart light switches, etc. Homes that have been vacant for a period of time, or are under foreclosure can have the some or all of the mechanical's OR utilities turned off. Since we don’t know this when you schedule your inspection, please be aware that we cannot hook up water meters, open gas valves, fill boilers, ignite pilot lights, etc.

It is the client and their realtor's responsibility to know whether everything is operational, OR to make timely arrangements for the services/mechanical's to be reconnected before the inspection if needed. We do ask the listing agent, but they don't always inform us. We’ll try to assist you in every way possible but there have been too many times when items are shut off for a good reason— we have to assume that any "disconnected" item is defective or may pose a safety concern!

What if You Can't Attend the Inspection?

If you cannot attend the inspection OR desire more information/photos - For an an additional $120.00 Pinnacle will document the entire home inspection with the "Expanded Report". This service includes:

  • A photograph of each room
  • Include photos of most concerns
  • Test all major appliances (when applicable) to confirm general functionality
  • Identify AND tag the main mechanical valves
  • Conduct a water hardness test
  • Email the report that night (depending on inspection time)

For Reporting, we offer two options; Just click the links to see what the differences might be. 

Standard Report, if you plan to be present at the inspection or walk-through, we provide photos of items we feel are important, or items the client could not see (like on the roof). All rooms are combined into one area of comments.

Expanded Report, if you cannot be present and would like to have photos of most concerns, and each room. This option is suggested if you are relocating or cannot be present. This has many more photos than a standard report and takes more time in creating the report. Extra charges apply. 

Request Repair List  - with Pinnacles' reports, you can generate a list of repairs to use during negotiations

Now you received your report, what's next? Pinnacle's software allows the client and/or the Realtor to create a REQUEST LIST directly off the inspection report. You can go through each noted item and either "Accept" or "Request Repairs"; and make "Notes". Then the list can be downloaded in a PDF and you can sent it to your agent (or anyone). It's a great tool for the negotiation process and to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Now that you understand what to expect during the inspection, continue to read "How to Prepare" (for the inspection) and "Costs and Payment" (to understand costs and payment options).