Renting or Renting to Own - A Home Inspection Can Ensure Your Safety

Pinnacle has inspected so many properties for buyers where a tenant has been renting for years, only to find dozens of problems. WHY? Because there are so many landlords out there who either don't care, or don't monitor their properties. We've seen rental properties with hazardous wiring, bad plumbing, poor windows, water and mold problems in the basement, even one home where the main plumbing drain pipe had ruptured and raw waste was entering the basement! You and your family deserve to be safe!

If you are going to rent, know that you are going to be safe. Insist that your rental property is inspected BEFORE you sign. AND any concerns that are found are repaired before you move in. If you are renting with no intention to own, we extend the "interior only" pricing option for you; that's $50 off our normal price.

With the typical home, we are on-site for 3-4 hours; some even longer depending on its size. We literally review "Hundreds" of Structural, Mechanical, and Safety components while we are at the home, and put more time into our detailed report.

Here's a Checklist of the Areas (and Components) That Are Reviewed: 

Structural Components
Framing Members/Foundation/Joist Systems
Mechanical Components
Plumbing/Electrical/Heating and AC Components/Carbon Monoxide Testing
Insulation and Ventilation
Attic Areas/Basement and Crawl Space
Exterior Components
Landscape Drainage/Siding/Garage and Patio/Roofing/Porches and Decks/Chimney exteriors
Interior Components
Ceilings, Walls, and Floors/Doors and Windows
Appliances (built-in) will be tested if remaining in the house

What to Know When Asking the Landlord for a Home Inspection

Sadly when renting; the owner is not required to allow an private inspection. If they are a licensed landlord, the city/state does govern them, and most will only do a minimal inspection and they don't have to show you the forms. If a landlord won't let you have an inspection, it should be a red flag.

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