I'm Selling My Home - Can a Pre-Inspection Help?

The answer is YES! If you are selling, take the time to "Prep" your home in every way possible. Even though you may have owned your home for many years, you might not be aware of concerns that can put doubt in a potential buyer's mind. An independent review can provide insights on deficient areas and give you an opportunity to correct items or properly market the home. This can pay off in fewer days on the market, a higher sale price, an/or reduced negotiations! 

Pinnacle Offers Two Pre-sale Inspection Options:

1: Our General Home Inspection, which is the same that we provide buyers, including photos and comments - See Buyers Inspections
2: We offer "Home-Prep", which does not include a report. Home-Prep requires the homeowner to be present, and follow along to take notes. With Home-Prep, we do not test the appliances and such, as we anticipate the homeowner knows if they are properly working. The review takes less time, so we reduce our standard fee by $100.00. 

You can also visit our page "22 Tips" for common sense tips to ready your home for sale.  Even if it is a "Seller's Market", you could be leaving money on the table. Preparing properly for the sale of your home can help you throughout the entire process.

Here's a Checklist of the Areas (and Components) That Are Reviewed:

Structural Components
Framing Members/Foundation/Joist Systems
Mechanical Components
Plumbing/Electrical/Heating and AC Components/Carbon Monoxide Testing
Insulation and Ventilation
Attic Areas/Basement and Crawl Space
Exterior Components
Landscape Drainage/Siding/Garage and Patio/Roofing/Porches and Decks/Chimney exteriors
Interior Components
Ceilings, Walls, and Floors/Doors and Windows
Appliances (built-in) will be tested if remaining in the house

Note: Having your home inspected is not a guaranty that something else might not be found by a buyer's inspector, and if you do have it inspected you may be required to disclose any major concerns.