Pinnacle Inspections Remodeling Consultations

Remodeling Consultations are available for clients who do not necessarily need a full inspection, but are interested in gaining straight talk regarding renovation or potential needs of a home. It is not to take the place of a Structural Engineer when needed.

Let's face it, most of the time when you call a contractor, they are coming to "SELL" you and to get you to sign before they leave. My service reduces that pressure, by allowing you to discuss possibilities with no further responsibility. This service is available to Buyers, current Homeowners, and Investors. It's a great way to begin the thought process and build ideas, without involving contractors. The intent is to have a trained home professional walk the home with you, listen to your plans, discuss what is possible and identify any large scale concerns with the home. This is NOT to be considered a full inspection, although it can be done in conjunction with a full inspection. 

Consultations are done with the understanding that the client must be present, and there will be no report (only a walk-through discussion), followed by a receipt. It is up to the client to take any pertinent notes.

The rate is $150.00 for the first hour onsite and then $45 per additional hour (or part of).  Note: If a consultation is done along with a full inspection, the cost is just $45 per hour (or part of).