Pinnacle's Fees for Inspections

Do yourself a favor and don't hire the least expensive inspection service; I was always told that - "you get what you pay for".
Your safety and that of your family is worth more than a few extra dollars.

On average an inspection costs less than 1/4 of 1 percent of the purchase price. With Pinnacle the average cost of a home inspection is usually between $250 -$500, and is dependent on the total square footage of the dwelling. As you compare companies, make sure you talk with the inspector and are familiar with what you'll be receiving, including time spent, what elements of the home are covered, and report structure. 

With Pinnacle, the inspection usually takes between 3-4 hours on-site, depending on the size of the house. Photos are taken of major concerns and integrated into report at discretion of the inspector. Built-in appliances and mechanicals are tested according to ASHI Standards of Practice. At the end of the inspection the customer can walk through with the inspector and the major concerns will be discussed. The inspection report will be completed at our office and emailed to the customer later that day/night (depending the time of the inspection).

Total Square ft. Price (must include unfinished areas; MLS does not include these)
Under 1000 sq ft......................$370.00
1001-2000 sq ft........................$395.00
2001-3000 sq ft.......................$420.00
3001-4000 sq ft.......................$495.00
4001-5000 sq ft.......................$545.00
5001-6000 sq ft.......................$670.00
Note: Pinnacle Does Have Discounts that may be applicable: Online Scheduling Discount, Military Appreciation Discount, First Responder Discount.

For town homes and condos, we offer an "Interior Only Inspection" which is $50 off our regular costs. You just need to know that the client is responsible for knowledge of the condition and materials, and to research all exterior components...  

For homes over 6000 sq.ft. add $150.00 per additional 1000 sq.ft (or part of)
Pinnacle will travel up to 40 miles from our office (Dellwood, MN); over that added travel fees may apply ($3.00/mile)

The above pricing includes inspecting one garage (attached or detached, up to 3 cars).
Pricing does not include out-buildings (sheds, pole barns, etc.)

Additional/Optional Fees and Services

Older Home (75 years +) - $50.00  (These homes usually take longer to inspect and have more report writing)
Distressed or Abandoned Home - $75.00 (These homes definitely take longer and have much more to be documented)
Additional Mechanicals (two heating systems, etc.) - $25.00 additional
Additional Kitchen - $50.00
Detached Outbuildings (under 500 sq) - $50.00 each additional

Multi-Unit Dwellings (duplexes/quads) - $150.00 for each add unit

Recalls, Single Item Inspection, or Review an old inspection:
$150.00 Trip charge: includes one hour on-site
$45.00/hr: For every hour (or part of) after the first hour.
$25.00: To update (or create) report and email.
Please call 651-324-4049 to get a complete quote.

When and How do I Pay for Services?

Payment for the Home Inspection is due at the time of the inspection (or before). We accept cash, check, or cashiers check at the time of inspection. We also take credit card payments, but like to send e-invoices in advance of the inspection; so please let us know if you would like to use a CC.

Now that you understand costs and payment options, continue to read "How to Prepare" (for the inspection) and "What To Expect" (during the inspection).