Home Inspection Checklist Basics

Home Inspections are important - Don't think that you've "seen everything" when you toured the home... 

Most buyers spend only 30-60 minutes in the home before writing an offer, and they naturally are focused on "form and function" of the home; Pinnacle looks deeper.  With the typical home, we are on-site for 3-4 hours; or longer depending on its size!  We literally review "Hundreds" of Structural, Mechanical, and Safety components while we are at the home, and we put more work into our detailed report.

Generally, there are two types of home inspections that are done in the market:

"Standard" or "Technically Exhaustive".

Standard Inspection: This is the most common Inspection used during Real Estate transactions. It is a review by a trained professional of the visual areas and components within a dwelling or building; usually taking between two and four hours (on site) depending on the building, and ending with either a handwritten or computerized report summarizing the inspector’s findings. This is the type of inspection that Pinnacle Inspections provides.

Technically Exhaustive: This is where a group of trained professionals (engineers, contractors, and electricians) will test and review every aspect of a dwelling using several testing methods or devices. This can take up to several days and thousands of dollars, and the findings are compiled into an extremely detailed report that can include repair estimates or other information. This type of inspection is generally done with larger commercial buildings or multi-unit rentals, but has been done on larger residential estates.

Also, be aware of what can and cannot be done during an inspection. The process is very time consuming, and dependent on the home and the conditions. We make every effort to gather all the information possible to make the correct reporting. 

Be Aware of Truth-in-Housing or Time-of-Sale Inspections

...There is a Third type, but "Be Aware" of Time-of-Sale Inspections (TISH) or Truth-in-Housing Inspections (both names are used depending upon the city).  Some municipalities require home owners to get an inspection prior to listing their house for sale as a means of disclosure only (there are exemptions!). For instance, if the dwelling is inspected during the summer months, most municipalities do not require the inspector to ignite the furnace, they also don't require the use ladders for roof or attics therefore many attics don't get reviewed. The other problem with these programs is that if it is not an owner occupied property (such as a rental property or a "flip") these TISH inspections are NOT required. These inspections provide only basic information to the home buyer and the seller prior to the sale, and the reports are very minimal in nature, no photos, and lacking detailed information; most are only 3-4 pages of text only.  It's not what a home buyer should depend upon to make a good decision.

Pinnacle does not believe in, or provide these types of inspections. Even the St. Paul Area Association of Realtors does not believe in Time-of-Sale Inspections, which you can read here in their SPAAR positioning statement.

In some municipalities these reports must be available to perspective buyers during a showing. Check with your realtor or go to your city's website to find out if you need to have an inspection prior to listing your home. If they do require it, the city will have a list of their licensed inspectors that you can choose from. 

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