How to Prepare for a Home Inspection

It is up to the buyer to arrange and pay for their home inspection, but sometimes the buyer's Realtor will help schedule the inspection. If you use Pinnacle Inspections, want to make it as convenient as possible. Be prepared; every home has items to be fixed; you just need to know what it is.

Do I need to have my agent book the inspection appointment? No, we take care of all the details.  Please let our office book the appointment. If we need assistance, we will contact your agent.

What information do I need to schedule the appointment? It's a good idea to have the purchase agreement near you, or at least the MLS # and address when calling to make the arrangements. If possible know the total square footage (including unfinished areas).

After I make the appointment do I need to tell anyone? Make sure all parties know the company and inspector's name.

Do I need to confirm anything about the house before the inspection? Verify that all utilities and mechanicals are operational; or if not, noted as such. Please note: for safety and liability reasons, any mechanicals or utilities that have been turned off or not in operational condition cannot be tested. Also, if utilities are "off" when the inspector arrives, the inspection will be done without those related items being inspected.

How long will the inspection take and can I be there? Clarify with the inspector how long it will take. It is up to you, if you want to be present. 

Will the seller be at the house during the inspection? If you want the home to yourself during the inspection (for privacy to talk), make sure that is specified to the seller. There are many times the homeowner decides to be in the home during the inspection.

What is the weather is bad during the inspection? Understand that timing and conditions affect the inspection. If you ask for an evening appointment, or if there are poor weather conditions, some items may not be as visible to the inspector. If you are having an inspection in the Winter, understand that certain items may not be visible (or operable) due to low temperatures, snow, ice, or unsafe conditions; these items include the roof, landscaping, driveways and sidewalks, and the AC.

How much time do I need to review the report and make decisions? Understand your contractual timeline: Allow yourself enough time after receiving the report to review it thoroughly, and be able to ask questions before having to finalize an agreement. Also, if you request a late appointment you may not receive your report until the next day (but we will do everything possible to make sure you know of any major concerns during the inspection).

Other Prep Items You & Your Realtor Should Review:

  • Make sure any alarm systems are disabled or put in "standby" mode by the owner.
  • Make sure all pets are either kenneled or removed. We cannot be responsible if a cat runs outside.
  • Make sure the attic access is visible and cleared for opening, and with newer construction get permission to break the seal (if needed) on the attic access.
  • Make sure detached garages are unlocked or a key is available.
  • If you know there is a large amount of home owner's belongings along walls or in front of mechanicals, main electrical panel, arrange to have them moved away to allow access for the inspector. For insurance reasons we cannot move furniture or belongings in the house.

Now that you understand how to prepare. Continue to read "What to Expect" (during the inspection) and "Costs and Payment" (to understand costs and payment options).