Let's Inspect Your New Home

Purchasing or selling a home is an exciting time!  But there is always some uncertainty that can go along with the process. You want to know that the home is safe and in good condition. With the help of Pinnacle Inspections, you can gain valuable insights about the home's past and its future needs, so you're not blindsided by unexpected concerns.

Our #1 Objective Is To Make Sure You Are Safe and Informed. 

Don't think that you've "seen everything" when you toured the home. Most buyers spend only 30-60 minutes in the home before writing an offer, and they naturally are focused on function and cosmetics of the home; Pinnacle looks deeper. With the typical home, we are on-site for 3-4 hours; some even longer depending on its size!  We literally review "Hundreds" of Structural, Mechanical, and Safety components while we are at the home, and put more work into our detailed report.

Here's a Checklist of the Areas (and Components) That Are Reviewed: 

Structural Components
Framing Members/Foundation/Joist Systems
Mechanical Components
Plumbing/Electrical/Heating and AC Components/Carbon Monoxide Testing
Insulation and Ventilation
Attic Areas/Basement and Crawl Space
Exterior Components
Landscape Drainage/Siding/Garage and Patio/Roofing/Porches and Decks/Chimney exteriors
Interior Components
Ceilings, Walls, and Floors/Doors and Windows
Appliances (built-in) will be tested if remaining in the house

How to Hire a Certified Home Inspector

You get to choose who is going to assist you during your home search, and the inspection. Often, your realtor is able to provide names of a few inspectors, which most buyers appreciate. You should take the time to talk with a couple different inspectors, visit their websites, and view a sample of their report. Make sure you know what you will be getting for your money. You need to be comfortable with your decision. 

Below is an actual email from a past Pinnacle client going through the hiring process again:

"Thank you for reminding me that you are out there.  My wife and I bought a home in Apple Valley, last June, and I had every intention of hiring you to perform the inspection.  My realtor talked me into having his inspector do the tour.  His name is XXXXXXXXXXXX, the inspector that does the XXXXXXXX show from time to time.  Worse decision that I ever made.  It turns out he is horrible at this job.  Nowhere near as detailed as you are.  Had I had you do the job, I doubt that I would have bought the house as I am finding issues right and left.  With that boat having already sailed, I am thinking of having you out, in the spring, to do an inspection so that I know exactly what issues I will be tackling in the future.  You did a tremendous job for us on the St. Paul home and I only wished I had you this job.   I will contact you once the snow melts." - J.G.

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