Radon Testing In Homes by Pinnacle Inspections

Radon is a odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas, that is a product of Uranium or Thorium which eminates from the ground. 
The EPA ranks Radon in the highest classification of lung cancer causing substances. It is listed as the second leading cause of lung cancer, claiming approximately 15,000-22,000 lives every year.

Radon comes from natural deposits of uranium in the soil, which is found everywhere in the world. Once it enters a home or building it begins to decay to solid particles that become suspended in the air and attach themselves to other particles in the air such as dust, smoke, aerosols, etc. Those particles can then be breathed into your lungs. Different areas have varying levels of radon, and the EPA recommends testing in areas where it may be over the action level of 4 picocuries per liter (pCi/L).

The Minnesota Department of Health Recommends that Every Home Be Tested for Radon.

Approximately 39% of ALL homes in the Twin Cities Metro have Radon levels above the recommended action level. The only way you can know if your home has Radon above that level, is to test your home. If the home you are buying or currently occupy has an open dirt area like a crawl space, or a basement that has in-floor ducts, you definitely should get the home tested. 

You can view information on Radon levels by County at:

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Pinnacle Inspections will test your home using the latest technology - a Continuous Monitoring Radon Detector. It will be set in the home for a period of 48 hrs, and then retrieved for analysis. Any home that is to be tested must be closed (except for normal traffic), for a period of 12 hours prior to the test, and throughout the test.

What if Elevated levels of Radon are found? In most homes, the solution is a mitigation plan and installation by a qualified mitigation company. In most homes radon can be reduced to the recommended levels for a cost of $1200.00 - $2000.00. You can read more about mitigation on the Minnesota Department of Health website (below).

Radon Testing Costs:
When performed at the same time as a Home Inspection........................................$140.00
When performed as a Stand Alone Test .........................................................................$170.00
(Please note: On Stand Alone testing, additional travel costs apply if over 20 miles from Pinnacle's office)

You can read more about Radon at the Minnesota Department of Health at: