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Pinnacle Inspections, Inc., is a Certified Home Inspections and Radon Measurement Company serving the entire Twin Cities Metro Area and Western Wisconsin since 2004. Wis. License # 1467-106

Note: MN does not regulate Home Inspectors; see "Be Well-Informed" (below)



Why Hire Pinnacle Inspections

I am a detail-oriented inspector with a passion for homes and woodworking of all types. I have been around and involved in home remodeling and carpentry all of my life, and have passed the MN Contractor's Examination (although I don't practice). As an ASHI Certified Inspector, I also spend at least 20 hours each year on continuing education of home building and inspection processes. You'll find that I am a realist and a conscientious inspector. With over 14 years inspecting homes, you come first; and my focus is on your well-being. I take pride in my services and the communications to the client and agents. Each home is reviewed with the enthusiasm, detail, and respect as if it was going to be my own. I want to help buyers understand their home, and create a safe environment for their families. 

Keep in mind - Every home is going to have concerns; some will be safety concerns, some structural, but most are repairable maintenance items. In each case, you need to know what those concerns are, so you can properly budget and plan your future.

Be Well-Informed: 

Did you know that Certification and Training is not a requirement to be a Home Inspector in Minnesota? (Wisconsin does require licensing). That means "anyone" can start a business as a home inspector...and without any affiliation or training, they aren't required to do much, and some offer very limited reports. So do your research, and be comfortable with the person you are hiring to review your home.

Pinnacle Inspections Certifications

Pinnacle is Certified through The American Society of Home Inspectors (AHSI), The American Home Inspector's Training Institute and qualified through the National Home Inspector's Examination. We are also Radon Measurement Certified through the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) and National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP).