Easy Online Scheduling for Home Inspection or Radon Test

We are all busy... and Pinnacle wants to make the process easy for our clients. The scheduler below shows the hours what is open. If you need special arrangements, please call; we will do everything possible to arrange a time that works for you. 

Please fill out as much information as possible as it helps us to understand your needs. An email will automatically be sent to you and your agent confirming the scheduled date, so please include email addresses.

Please Note: By booking this inspection you are reserving the date, so make sure your purchase agreement is signed and that your agent (if applicable) knows you are booking an inspection. We suggest that you review your purchase agreement also to make sure your request is falling within the agreed timeline. If you simply want to inquire about dates, please send us a note from the "Contact Us" page, or call us. 

When scheduling the inspection, you must include any unfinished areas in the square footage. The MLS only counts finished livable rooms in the "square feet", not bathrooms, not hallways, not laundry areas, etc., but we are required to inspect those areas. Many times you can look at the foundation size, and multiply that by the number of floors in the building. We reserve the right to adjust the pricing if the client has made a mistake in selections, or has not included all the applicable charges. We will try to verify the information before the appointments and notify you, but some items may not be known until we actually get on site. 

3rd Party Disclosure: The user of this form acknowledges that Pinnacle Inspections, Inc. uses a 3rd-party software for creating of inspection reports.  The company is HomeGauge, which is a secure software, and this company does electronically store our reports, along with client and agent contact information for the use writing our reports. Pinnacle has set all preferences within HomeGauge so that none of your information can be shared with any other company, nor can HomeGauge use this information for the purpose of marketing to the client, or the real estate professionals. Any claims for misuse of information, should be formally directed to HomeGauge; 122 Lyman St. Suite 60, Asheville, NC 28801.